Become an Affiliate

A Streetbadge can be used by anyone with a web presence they want to promote. A small business owner may have a few vehicles he’d like to have badges for. An artist might want one for her artist profile on a community site she belongs to. A Chef could want one for his blog. 

As an affiliate, you can use your insight into a particular industry to get clients on board, and for each one you do, you will be rewarded fairly. You will receive 50% of the initial profit from the creation of the badge, plus 50% of the recurring subscription fee for the life of the subscription. 

All payouts will be managed by Upwork, with a job created for each new affiliate. As long as the client the affiliate brought on board has an active, paid up account, a monthly payout will occur to the affiliate.

For example, The affiliate gets a small business to purchase 10 badges. With the current creation fee of $15 per badge, minus the cost of production and shipment, the initial payout would be between $3-$5 per badge. The recurring subscription fee from the client would give the affiliate a $10 payout monthly. Hopefully, getting that first monthly payout will be inspiration to continue as a Streetbadge affiliate, and encourage the affiliate to continue to add more clients to his or her account.