Black Lives ALWAYS have and ALWAYS will Matter

My practice is called Be Ye Renewed Counseling. I pride myself in serving clients from uptown to downtown Philadelphia—from the hood to the burbs—and everywhere in between. I provide clinical services through an integrative approach of psychotherapy and pastoral counseling, as I assist individuals and families from diverse backgrounds facing a plethora of challenges.

My counseling seeks to strengthen and deepen the cognitive, social, emotional, and spiritual skills one needs to navigate the challenging terrains of life. In a world that seems all the more steeped in chaos, dysfunction, confusion, division, hurt, and uncertainty, I am here to help. I am currently accepting new clients and am happy to provide counseling services remotely via a secure telehealth platform. If you have been struggling emotionally and feel like there is nowhere to turn, I invite you to first take a deep breath then gently look inward and consider taking the first step to lasting change, consider joining me in your personal journey toward emotional freedom and revitalized mental health.

Shout outs to all the Black men and women of Philadelphia who continue to square their shoulders back and fight the good fight of faith during these trying and traumatizing times. Be Ye Renewed Counseling sees you and is here for you. The fact of the matter is, Black lives always have and always will matter. In a perilous world riddled with division and opposing messages of hate, this is a therapy practice rooted in love and grounded in inclusivity. All are welcome; all are precious here. Are you ready for change? Isn’t it time you start feeling better? Do you want to feel listened to and supported?

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