This guy says,

“It’s all a process. doing SEO takes a lot of research and planning. The first month, we will focus on researching your company, your keywords, your competitors, and your niche. The second and third month, we will start working on backlinks, backlinks are cornerstone that will help us in the next stage. During the third month, we also start doing broad off-site SEO and configuring google ads in keywords that need extra help as it will start ranking once it’s setup, you won’t have to pay for google ads on keywords that are already performing well, after all, if you save money on us and make more money from getting more clients, we keep you as our client! Don’t be surprised if you already see a bit of result here. The 4and 5th month, you will start to see a bit more results, as we start working on the actual website SEO, creating localized pages for keyword etc. All in all, by 6 months, we will be done with the core optimization and you will be able to see your site reaching the top!”

Source: Reddit

This Guy gets it!

How do you get  ranked on page one of Google?

The answer is learn SEO. First, you have to learn as much as you can about how to do research properly (company, keywords, competitors, niche), then you have to learn about backlinks, broad off-site SEO,  and configuring Google Ads in keywords. Finally, you have to learn actual on-site SEO, applying everything and plugging it into your website.

You then have to work on making your website perform, but learning and applying what you’ve learned usually involves a curve. 6 months is a good amount of time to invest before you know if you’re doing anything right, for pros at least. You will need patience with your new found skills going forward from there. 

Are you capable of becoming a professional?

Could you devote enough time and attempts to get a website to the front page of Google?

(that’s what I asked myself)

And, the answer is yes. That’s what I did, the proof being in the offer I sent you. I built a house, and you’ve been unknowingly benefitting from it in the form of referrals for the past 30 days. I’m looking for someone to rent the house, and I’m hoping you will consider doing just that.

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Don’t forget, you’re getting all of the pre-fab benefits of getting a website to the front page of Google, built in.

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Consider my offer, reply above, and let’s talk about a mutually beneficial relationship.